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  1. Tri-Cast Excellence Waggler Rod

    Tri-Cast Excellence Waggler Rod


    Using the most technically advance.d Carbon Fibres and Resins along with the input from our very own Andy Bennett, has led to outstanding results and features in this range. A perfect full Parabolic action allows these rods to arch through in perfect symmetry from tip to Butt. You can even feel this action under the reel fitting allowing the angler to feel every single movement of the fish and thus giving you complete and utter control at all times Learn More
  2. Tri-Cast Excellence Wand

    Tri-Cast Excellence Wand


    Another rod required by Andy Bennett and this one went far beyond what he expected or thought we could produce. Originally this was going to be a short little light 8ft bomb rod for light work in the winter months. Perfect for that short little chuck to catch Roach and Skimmers etc. In all fairness that is exactly what we achieved and we meet Andy's requirements to perfection Learn More
  3. Tri-Cast Excellence Feeder Rod

    Tri-Cast Excellence Feeder Rod


    When speaking to the master, ANDY BENNETT, he gave us a very clear and precise set of qualities, specifications and actions required for Feeder Rods used on Commercial Fisheries, Still Waters and Lakes. Firstly we needed to produce rods at 3 lengths which will cover all situations and venues. A 9ft, 10ft and an 11ft model would be required. Learn More
  4. Tri-cast Long Range Feeder Rod

    Tri-cast Long Range Feeder Rod


    Tri-Cast have now launched a series of 3 new Feeder Rods based on a demand for a very specialised action. Each of these three rods have a stiff action within the butt and lower section, but have a softer tip section for easy bite detection and for hooking and playing these soft mouth fish. Learn More
  5. Tri-cast Commercial Feeder Rod

    Tri-cast Commercial Feeder Rod


    We now have what we believe to be the Ultimate in Commercial Fishery Feeder Rods. Designed for the discerning and demanding Commercial Angler this set of 3 Feeder Rods give you everything you have wanted and more. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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